A Tree In Green And Autumn Colours

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A tree both in green and autumn colours.
- Use layers to get the version you need.
- Polys: about 1.1M

3dsmax 2015 + fbx

Want to say thanks to Mahsa?


FILE SIZE: 202.03 MB


  • Cinema4D + VRay (.c4d)
  • 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats

You're welcome! :D

You are welcome!

Pozhaluysta! =)

@Poly Le you're welcome :)

You're welcome dude

Thank you for your work!

Thanks! Glad you like it

Very beautifull tree! Thank's a lot!

Thanks! You're welcome

Can you make a version for corona ? I really love this !

I can :) just need some time!

Thank you very, very much :))

Great! Thank you very much. It's amazing!

Thank you so much! This is great! =)

You're welcome!

bundle of thanks.....

Thank you Mahsa, I have no any words when I see the detail preview of leaves..

no fbx inside.. but thank you so much ;)

Incredible project ! Thank you so much !
I am having issues with the uv mapping and the geo itself, is it normal that everything is grouped under one main geo ? Also it seems that the uv's are not mapped, is it an issue one my end ? Thanks in advance ! :)

Hi Oui Petetre, I just tried both the .fbx and .max files, and they work. Also, the .fbx file retains all the UV coordinates and it works here (3ds max).
Yes the tree is a single geo, but leaves and trunk have different material IDs applied. Usually for trees is better like that :)

Gratefully appreciated!! X )

Grateful because you liked it!

You're welcome :)

Such beautiful tree, thank you for sharing

awesome and detailed one .. superb