Aragon Wood (scratched And Dusted)

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Scratched and dusted Aragon wood (dark coated).
Free tutorial:

CATEGORY: Materials, Wood



  • 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)

TAGS: scratched wood aragon dust old textures

Thank you Mahsa for your materials.

Great work as always. Thank you very much, Mahsa.

its vray, corona or fstorm material?

Hi, it is for FStormRender, but I wrote a tutorial at that can be used to achieve the same effect in other render engines.

how do you save a material in .mat format without creating an entire Library for each material ?

Hi Francois,
I don't really know if I understood right, but once you create your .mat library, you can put many materials as you want in there.

Thanks Mahsa , but can you convert to corona or vray ?

Thank's... very appreciate

Thanks MAHSA, You're Great!

عالی بود مهسا جان پیج یا کانال اموزشی در این مورد داریدیا نه ؟