Condensation On Window Glass Material

For rain lovers! Condensation on window glass material.

- Includes my 4K droplets normal map, opacity and displacement in PNG lossless format
- Window model included
- Adjust normal map power as needed
- Needs glass with thickness, and the best results are given when using an HDRI or background
- Stains are procedurally composited, you can disable the map or load your own
- Window wood texture not included (commercial map)

Supported platforms
  • Cinema4D + VRay
  • 3DSMax + FStorm
Autodesk® 3ds Max version 2015
File size 82.17 MB
sa su
Hi Mahsa, I would love to send some support your way but I just wanted to know - will this effect work in its entirety in version 0.3.8a? - 05/28/2018
Hi sa su, this uses normal maps that I am afraid they are not supported in 0.3.8a. I guess you might be able to achieve the same effect using the included Displacement\Bump map though. - 05/28/2018
Hai Sagiviz
So beautiful blur and water bump map, I have just bought it.. Hope to have many thing in the file. - 07/21/2018
Thanks for the support! In case you need assistance don't hesitate to send me a message. - 07/21/2018