Olive Tree

- Model created with 3ds Max 2011;
- Native Max file setup with V-Ray 2.4 renderer and V-Ray materials;
- Unit: millimeters;
-In the archive:
.MAX 2011 files;
.FBX file;
-The presentation images were rendered with V-Ray;
Ground (900x900)
Ground_bump (900x900)
Olive_Tree_Bark_bump (1018x6400)
Olive_Tree_Bark_diffuse (1018x6400)
Olive_Tree_leaf_1_diffuse (151x718)
Olive_Tree_leaf_2_diffuse (188x748)
Olive_Tree_Pot_01_bump (4096x4096)
Olive_Tree_Pot_01_diffuse (4096x4096)
Olive_Tree_Pot_02_bump (4096x4096)
Olive_Tree_Pot_02_diffuse (4096x4096)

Supported platforms
  • 3DSMax + VRay
File size 58.74 MB
Polygon count 214 656