Plant Set

MATERIAL Cast concrete & 100% polyester Japanese spindle cord
PRODUCT DETAILS This concrete hanging vessel can be hung on a wall. The vessel can be used as a planter (we recommend succulents or air-plants). The vessel has no drain hole for water, but the concrete soaks in any water content in the soil and the moisture gradually leaves through the vessel wall.
dimension: 5" high, 6" wide, 3.5" deep
cord length: 45" adjustable with knot. the vessel hangs about 20"
OTHER INFO Intended for indoor use only.
Wood wall cleat not included.
ORIGIN Designed & made in USA
NOTE Doing a project? feel free to email us for custom projects!

Manufacturer information

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Supported platforms
  • 3DSMax + Corona
  • 3DSMax + VRay
File size 43.48 MB

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