Procedural Leather For FStormRender

Want to say thanks to Afshin?

3dsmax 2015 + FStormRender 1.2.6b.
Fully procedural leather for FStormRender.

Leather's color is controlled by a simple color correction. You have 3 FStorm noise to control in details.

Base leather: adjusting overall leather size (affect bump and diffuse).
Small detail: adding details to flat Micro surface of leather.
Large details: adding some Large details and a little crack on leather.

Supported platforms
  • 3DSMax + FStorm
File size 6.49 MB
David Casenave
thx. great work you have here... - 09/12/2018
John Atkinson
Superb texture Afshin, but is it possible to save in 3ds Max 2014? - 09/13/2018
David Werkalec
Great!!! - 09/13/2018
Leo de Brito
Really nice! Thanks Afshin! - 09/13/2018
David Ciuffo
Great work! - 10/02/2018
hwang suk
Great!!! - 12/24/2018