Procedural Wet Asphalt

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A fully procedural Asphalt material made out of Noise maps only.
Many nodes are named so you may better understand how to edit the various layers. If you wish to use this material on larger surfaces, you might need to scale up some noise maps.

Units are in cm. If your system units are meters, scale down every noise size by 1/100.

CATEGORY: Materials, Soils and grounds



  • 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)

TAGS: asphalt procedural noise tarmac puddles water wet asphalt

Thank you very much for sharing this :)

Thank you so much!

The material on max shows "This material does not have an implementation supplied by the currently loaded" How can i solve this problem?

Can i convert it to corona?

Probably, but as it is all procedural it's going to be quite an headache :p

how to i convert fstorm materials to vray

Don't think it's possible..

please i want this material masha pleaseeeeeeeeeee

I can't make it for VRay sorry, this thing is completely procedural and messed up :P

i want them as vray not another thing

Hi Mahsa!
Whiy not as Vray or corona? :(( Looks great!

It's experimental. The material node complexity of this one is sick, there's no way I can destroy my brain to convert it to other engines :p

Thanks for your sharing, How do I install "Fstorm"? It said my 3dsmax miss Fstorm.

You're welcome. You can get a demo at

love these .. thanks . khali mamnon

why it's missing maps and not converting in CORONA?

Hi Istiak, this shader is for FStormRender only. You might try installing the demo to see how the material node works.

this girl rocks, amazing work, thank you

muito obrigado , isso ajudou muito.

Thanks to share you work.