Set Of Pyrus Calleryana Trees ( Chanticleer )

2 Pyrus CalleryanaTrees in the scene.

Pyrus calleryana, or the Callery pear, is a species of pear tree native to China and Vietnam, in the family Rosaceae. It is most commonly known for its cultivar Bradford, widely planted throughout the United States and increasingly regarded as an invasive species. The healthy, glossy green leaves remain on the tree until late in the autumn and then turn lovely yellow and red tints. It blooms profusely, with white flowers in umbels of 6 to 12 together.

Polygons (Total number of scene): 2,962,524

Verts (Total number of scene):1,940,734

Pyrus Calleryana1: 6/47 m

Pyrus Calleryana2: 4/79 m

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* Features:

- Optimized for Distant and Closeup Views

- Clean Topology

CATEGORY: Plants, Trees


H : 4/79-6/47 m

FILE SIZE: 344.28 MB


  • 3ds Max + VRay (.max)
  • Cinema4D + VRay (.c4d)
  • Blender + Cycles (.blend)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats


POLYGON COUNT: 2 962 524

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