Pottery Pots
The Essentials series
The Deluxe series
Tara XL, Tara L, Tara M, Tara S, Tara XS.

Fiberstone Black.
product code:
"Tara XL" - E1095-S1-01
"Tara L" - E1096-S1-01
"Tara M" - E1097-S1-01

Fiberstone Grey.
product code:
"Tara XL" - E1095-S1-03
"Tara L" - E1096-S1-03
"Tara M" - E1097-S1-03

Glossy White.
product code:
"Tara XL" - E1095-S1-W
"Tara L" - E1096-S1-W
"Tara M" - E1097-S1-W
"Tara S" - E3022-S1-MW
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-W

Glossy Sand.
product code:
"Tara S" - E3022-S1-S
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-S

Glossy Black.
product code:
"Tara S" - E3022-S1-B
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-B

Gradient Cherry Red.
product code:
"Tara S" - E3022-S1-CR
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-CR

Gradient Teal.
product code:
"Tara S" - E3022-S1-DT
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-DT

Platinum Gold.
product code:
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-GG

Platinum Silver.
product code:
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-GS

Platinum Rose.
product code:
"Tara XS" - E3019-S1-GC

"Tara XL"
length,width (cm): 100
height (cm): 38
weight (kg): 24,3
"Tara L"
length,width (cm): 80
height (cm): 30
weight (kg): 15,4
"Tara M"
length,width (cm): 60
height (cm): 23
weight (kg): 8,2
"Tara S"
length,width (cm): 40
height (cm): 16
weight (kg)

Inspired by Pottery Pots - Website

Note: this 3D model is just a reproduction inspired by a real product. No copyrights are being violated.




  • 3ds Max + Corona (.max)
  • 3ds Max + VRay (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats

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