Treto Bookshelve Large


Designed in collaboration with MOC Woodworking, the Treto shelves can either stand flat against the wall or alone as a room divider. The shelving unit is available in two frame sizes with five different box shelf options for customizable configurations. The small frame size comes with five box shelves, and the large version comes with eight box shelves. The Treto bookshelves are constructed from white oak and walnut and are wax finished.

Large Frame: OAH 84in (213.5cm)

Box Shelf 1: L 12in (30.5cm) x W 12in (30.5cm) x H 13.5in (34.5cm)
Box Shelf 2: L 24in (61cm) x W 12in (30.5cm) x H 13.5in (34.5cm)
Box Shelf 3: L 36in (91.5cm) x W 12in (30.5cm) x H 13.5in (34.5cm)
Box Shelf 4: L 48in (123cm) x W 12in (30.5cm) x H 13.5in (34.5cm)
Box Shelf 5: L 72in (183cm) x W 12in (3

Inspired by Atelier De Troupe - Website

Note: this 3D model is just a reproduction inspired by a real product. No copyrights are being violated.

CATEGORY: Furniture



  • 3ds Max + Corona (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats

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