Tuscan Order Vignola

The Tuscan order is used in minor buildings such as stables, baths, river crossings, territory fences, garden decorative elements, etc.
Examples of the application of the Tuscan order for the construction of porticos of 4 types:
- with three-quarter columns, without a pedestal
- with three-quarter columns, with a pedestal
- with freestanding columns and pilasters, without a pedestal
- with freestanding columns and pilasters, with a pedestal
The value of the Module (the lower radius of the column trunk) is taken to be 180 mm.
The value of the slope of the roof is 22.5 degrees.
For a close angle to geometry, the chamfer modifier was used.
Ivy poly count 1815180.

CATEGORY: Architectural Elements


8,9 x 17,4 x 5 meters

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POLYGON COUNT: 2 136 747

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