4 in 1 Rug Collection No 14

You will save 3 Credits

4 assets included

Collection of 4 Rug sets (12 rugs).
By purchasing this collection you will save 25%.

Each rugs have version with folds and without.

All high quality textures.

Rugs can be used for close-up and distant renders.

For each rug in the scene there are 3 options:
- Rug created with VRayFur (for close-up renders)
- Rug with VRayDisplacementMod
- Rug with CoronaDisplacementMod

- 3ds Max (2013 version. With V-Ray and Corona materials)
- FBX (With V-Ray and Corona materials)
- *mtl
- 3DS
- Blender (With Cycles materials)
- Cinema4D (With V-Ray, Corona and Octane materials)
- Maya (With V-Ray materials)
- Material Library

A file with links to rugs can be found in the archive.
I wish You nice renders.

When you purchase this collection, you will be able to download all the included assets.

Rug Set 2391
Rug Set 2362