Hello everyone and dear CGMOOD-Team,

I am very impressed about the power of nature. I mean I have so many respect about how powerfull nature can be. It is the high waves at the ocean or the stormy wind from one moment to the other. But one of my favorite nature beings is to se how the nature changes at the season.

Can you remember? - In summer we run for an icecream behind the iceman and in winter we are looking for something warm. Like an hot chocolate or a warm cup of tea.

In sumer you can take your shirt off and relax if the temperature is getting up. But want you gonna do now in winter when it starts to freeze?

I am very impressed about the white nature. The situation when the whole world stands still because the nature freezes everything sub zero. I mean this white and freezy cold days when you are happy to stay in a warm house and read a nice book in a front of your chimney or fire place.

I want to create a frozen white winter situation to show how poerfull nature can really be.

Good luck everybody and best regards and special thanks to you CGMOOD or this competition.

Software and equipment used

Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk 3DSMax, Chaos Group Vray, Adobe Photoshop

12 November 2019


Maybe I will create the freezing vegetation by myself or I just found some special ready to use 3d objects. We will see.

The basic material would be snow in one or two different ways.

The second material is the frozen dark lake with some scratches an crackes ice surface covered with some snow at the edges.

09 November 2019


I choose that references to show what kind of mood and enviorement I would like to create. It shows also what kind of textures and materials I will need it for.

No sunshine in this time. Just a coold grey winter day. I like the sunny winter days but in this case I will use the whole power of nature to create a cold winter day!

06 November 2019


I would like to show the power of nature in a winter lake scene whit a small house in a front with no neighborhood. The vegetation is covered by white sonw and ice crystals and the enviorement is full of snow. To show more power of nature I would like to create a frozen lake in a front of a house.

I would like to create an image that is so powerfull that you can feel the coldness in your eyes.

I have found some architecture visualizations. Maybe I can create the same to show the power of nature!