Amsterdam sept 21st 2050

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This is Arcam

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30 November 2018

This is Arcam: Amsterdam's architecture museum. An actual location.

The place is set the 21st september 2050.

Climate change as planned, has changed the face of the world. Sea rose prominently in the Netherlands.

The building lost its quay floor but the architects working there decided to keep the place afloat.
They added a vegetal roofing and dedicated the basement to boats.

The current (future) exposition enlightens people with holographic displays on climate change.

I tried to work on the full spectrum of my skills. I started this project with the autumn and it gave me school flashbacks.

So I went back to school with this.

I have a strong 3dsmax/vray background but this is Cinema 4d + Octane 4.

I tried to model (always at scale) with the most tools available. Spline/nurbs modelling for the roof, box modelling for the offices in the background, a bit of sculpt, procedural modelling, photo modelling and photogrammetry for myself and my family who populate the scene.

I wanted the whole mood not to get ultra realistic but rather motivated by classic influences. Turner and stuff.
Autumn gave me what I wanted, contrasts. I love when a few rays can lighten a scenery.

I mimicked it with an hdri + sunlight AND added a huge black plane between the sun and the scene, and mapped clouds to it, it gave me clouds "ground shadows"..and a dramatic effect.

Overall this was a great challenge, very motivating. 10/10 will do again.