Autumn winds that drag emotions in silence

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My inspiration is the sensations produced by the wind and the flight of the leaves, the memories, the warm color of autumn, How much beauty it releases.

Software and equipment used

3DSMax, VRay, PS, AE

30 November 2018

Final render......

"Let's take advantage of autumn
before winter breaks us down
let's elbow into the sun
and admire the birds that migrate"

...."Mario Benedetti"

30 November 2018

Render Still life.

"Autumn winds that drag emotions in silence.

The north wind anchors in my harbor
a cool breeze
the days become small
the light gradually extinguishes the journey"

...."Cecilia tobias"

30 November 2018

general model .....

30 November 2018

process modeling curtains and wind....

30 November 2018

Color palette & still life.

"In flames, in the autumn, burned,
sometimes my heart burns,
pure and alone. The wind wakes him up,
touches its center and suspends it
in light that smiles for no one:
How much beauty loose!"

...."Octavio Paz"

30 November 2018

The concept takes elements of autumn, I want to represent the emotions caused by the flying of the leaves to the wind, the fresh sensation of the wind touching the fabric, an architectural environment of
daily life, with an autumnal color palette plus incorporate a still life.