Cabin by the lake

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I wanted to visualize autumn scene, to create an ideal ambiance that works at the level of sign, to present what I am seeing within eyes closed: Wooden house by the water surrounded by a golden trees and a sailboat.

Software and equipment used

3ds Max, SketchUp, VRay, Forest Pack, Photoshop, Megascans Bridge

27 November 2018

Frontal facade is turned toward the north, so the sun rays come from the east in order to emphasize the beginning of the fall day. By positioning camera above the lake making the 40% of the photo, extraordinarily colored reflections ranging from red through ocher and yellow to greenish were achieved.
On the ground, there is generated random grass and rocks with various shapes and dimension. These elements are covered with leaves which was falling off from the beginning of autumn until 14. November. All vegetation is generated through plug-in “Forest Pack”, and models of vegetation derive from different stores. The whole scene is computer generic, color corrections is done in Photoshop.