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Momijigari: autumn in Japan becomes a party!
But what Momijigari mean?
Nature, while preparing to "die", is worthy of being observed. Also because in Buddhism, death is hope of rebirth. For this reason and because autumn also offers small masterpieces of beauty, like spring, so autumn brings the Japanese to move out of town, in the woods and mountains to do the so-called Momijigari.
The word Momijigari literally means "hunting Japanese maple": in fact Momiji means maple (but also more generally all the autumn leaves, since the etymology of the word "momiji" goes back to the ancient term "momizu", which means "to dye" of red "), while" gari "comes from the verb" karu "which means" to hunt ". Obviously you do not hunt the leaves to collect them, but you go to "hunt" the trees that have been dyed red simply to enjoy the magnificent show they offer.
Momijigari ispired me! My scene describes the entrance of a temple in the autumn period invaded by leaves. People dressed in typical traditional clothes in a magical sunset is a hymn to autumn!

Software and equipment used

3DS Max, Vray, Photoshop, Forest Pack

26 November 2018


24 November 2018


24 November 2018

render without post-production

19 November 2018

Composition and first render