Still-life: Pumpkin Harvest

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My image is entitled "Pumpkin Harvest". I was drew inspiration from Ustina Green's and Anatoly Che's still life work. The goal was to create a realistic-looking still life using photogrammetry to create the majority of the assets in the scene.

Software and equipment used

3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Agisoft Photoscan, Dabarti Capture, Forest Pack

28 November 2018

Here is the my final entry to the “autumn colours” competition titled “Pumpkin Harvest”. I was inspired by both Ustina Green and Anatoly Che still life work and Grant Warwick's still life lesson in his mastering lighting course. My idea was to create a still life with high-realism in a barn environment with a range of pumpkins assets.

Nearly everything in the scene was created using photogrammetry and Agisoft Photoscan software. I created around 35 unique objects using photogrammetry, all though not all are featured in the final image. I also used photogrammetry for the wood textures on the table and wall. I utilized Dabarti Capture for the leaves, pumpkin seeds and cloth texture to create normal maps.

Thanks to the organizer and sponsors of the competition. I look forward to seeing all the final entries!

And yes I did indeed eat a lot of pumpkin in the making of this image;).

28 November 2018

Here are the final clay/wire renders plus some crops of the final raw render. Final image to follow...

21 November 2018

After about shooting 2,000 photos for the photogrammetry models I nearly have all the components modeled and textured for my Still-Life scene. Here are some WIP's working on the composition of the objects, still needs some tweaking and then its onto the lighting. The deadline is looming...

12 November 2018

Another asset created for my Still-Life. First time I used photogrammetry to recreate an object like this. It worked quite well but still needs a bit more work on materials etc.

25 October 2018

Here are a couple WIP's showcasing some of the assets for my still-life. I created all these models with photogrammetry using agisoft photoscan to do so and rendered with corona 2.0.

03 October 2018

Here is my initial moodboard, representing the look and feel I am going for with my autumn-themed Still Life.