The Artwork Room

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Commissioned by the Artist Augusto Rodriguez, where he seeks to represent his
painter works in various spaces the most attached to photo-realism and thus have
elements that will be part of a publicity campaign at the forefront and little
exploited in the artistic medium.
For this assignment it was started from the capture of the paintings by means of real photographs,
then the colors, the lighting and the different bitmaps were generated
that the rendering engine would need to reray the surfaces. He designs and models
the scene with the intensionality of making the paintings stand out and lending special
attention to detail to achieve the impression of photo-realism. It was rendered in
CoronaRender and the post-production was done in CoronaImageEditor.

Software and equipment used

3ds Max, CoronaRenderer, CoronaImageEditor.

30 September 2018

In the first stage of the project the images of the paintings are taken and then digitized in photoshop where the different layers were generated as: Diffuse, Reflections, Normals and Displacement to be transferred to 3ds max