Fabrics with microfibers (GeoPattern, VrayPattern)

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Microfibers sure increase the realism of fabrics for closer range shots. Although it's something that is usually achieved with scatter tools, in this tutorial we'll cover how to do this using FStormRender's GeoPattern.
The very same logic can be applied using VRay with the VRayPattern plugin.

At the end of this tutorial, you should be better grasping the pro and cons of GeoPattern for such an use, and be able to create a detailed fabric material from scratch.

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  1. Project files
  2. Everything you need to follow the tutorial.
    Also included:
    - Patterns by Matej Ovsenek.
    - Plaid from the Novamobili Brick bed by Alexandr Koval

  3. Microfibers with FStorm GeoPattern
  4. We are going to create the same fabric as the preview images, starting from the microfibers.
    We'll also create a displacement map for our fabric material, along with some procedural color variations.