Interior Natural Lighting Methods In Fstormrender

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Being able to recreate different moods is helpful to understand in which situation you can get the best (and the worst) out of your scene.
These three lessons will be covering various natural lighting methods for interiors using FStormRender.

And the interior scene used in the tutorial is included in the project files!

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  1. Project files
  2. - The model in original .3DM format.
    - The .max scenes.
    - Some HDRIs from

    Paid assets and textures are not included.

  3. Light planes at windows
  4. A basic and quick to render method to light an interior.

  5. Sky and sun lighting
  6. Setup of an interior lighting using the sun and sky system.

  7. HDRI-based lighting
  8. We'll try four different HDRIs and fine-tune the scene for each of them.