Procedural Lake Water

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A procedural water material for FStormRender, which combines both reflection and refraction according to the view angle.

Also a tutorial is available at

Units are in meters, due to the large surface.
If you plan on using it on smaller projects, you might scale down the noise maps!

HDRI non included (it is from HDRIHaven)
Boat model not included (commercial model)


CATEGORY: Materials, Water



  • 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)

TAGS: water lake sea river procedural material calm

looks amazing! thank you for sharing.

Thank you. You are welcome :)

Oh god that was I needed. Cool job

Its not totally Fstorm, photoshoped too

No Photoshop. All you see is a water shader with an HDRI, straight out from the render viewport.

I downloaded the file and rendered it its flat and missing a a lot of the details! So all of the details come from the HDRI

Of course, water is not that interesting if it has nothing to reflect or refract.
This shader should be used in your own environment: try with a HDRI or a background and you will see the results right away :)

I surrendered!!!! this is fxxking Amazing. I can't imagine someone is making a material like that........

Very nice, May I know what is the filename of the hdri you used, thank you!

Hi Pepet, I am pretty sure it was "Sunset Fairway" from HDRIHaven.

Please don't treat this as spam. I know you are in love with fstorm, but is there any chance to reproduce it for you in vray or better corona? I would be your biggest fanboy :-)

This material node is way too messed up for me to take it again and convert it to other engines :P

I love you Masha! haha thanks for Share

This rendering is great!
What is your tip for objects in the backfround (hills & trees)? Are they on the bitmap in the background or part of HDRI?

Hi, background is part of a hdri.