Getting out of beta

What's next at CGMood?

First of all, we wanted to say thanks for joining our website, along with all the artists who are sharing their 3D models and having faith in us. We're still in a phase where we are testing new features, but also planning new ones. As we are getting out of beta, we would like to announce some changes we have already done, and share our roadmap with you.

You can now make sales on free models!

Free models and content are fundamental to increase the traffic on a fresh website, yet we don't want to force anyone to share their work for free. So, we wish to add something special: give to customers the option to offer you an amount to say thanks.

You now earn even more on your sales

Reputation no longer affects the percentage you get on your sales. This was an old, musty way that discourages people.

Instead, we have introduced a small fee for every sale you make that by default is equal for everyone, and minimal plans to lower it down. This new policy is what keeps us up and running!
Our new standard fee is better than the old one, and it is:


  • 18% + 0.35€
    standard fee on your sales

  • or down to 5% + 0.35€ with our minimal plans


  • up to 3 free models per day

  • or unlimited free models with our minimal plans


  • 5.99€ / Artist model

  • superior quality 3D models and materials

Exclusive 3D models

To help creators out, our staff will introduce high quality Exclusive 3D models, downloadable for free every time you have purchased an Artist model. Beside that, we always suggest artists to advertise themselves on other websites as well, such as Facebook, Instagram, Behance or forums. If you gain some influence, there's more chance people will buy from you!

Discount options and minor Credit System overhaul

Nothing will change for you: if you own some Artist Credits, we will update your credits to match the new system.

We will update a bit how Artist Credits work, so that

€5.99 = 4 Artist Credits
and Artist models will cost 4 Credits.

This was an update needed in order to introduce discounts in the future, so that sellers will have the option to sell their models for less than 4 Credits.

Visualization Jobs - ETA: 5 months

We are working on a new section of the website where 3D artists will be able to enroll for visualization jobs and get paid. As we take work very seriously, we are planning out a system that allows us to determine who is best fit for a job, and communicate with the artist in a quick way to get the job done. Note, this will not be an open job-posting board. Furthermore, the higher your reputation is, the bigger will be your reward for the job. You may read our FAQ to learn how to increase your reputation.

Modeling and rendering Competitions!

In the future we would love to host competitions: it is a good way to show your modeling and rendering skills for a fair reward!
Stay tuned on our facebook page!

Advertisement campaign

We are about to launch our first advertisement campaign. We need a little more content before doing so, but we have started planning it out! Our core team will keep adding content, along with you: if you wish to share your 3D work with us, we will greet you with a warm welcome.
Got a lot of high quality 3D models you would like to share? Contact us at and learn the benefits of becoming a Contributor.