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CGMood Christmas 2021 Present

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In this difficult and long year, we thank you for your support.
May the Holiday season fill your home with joy, your life with laughter, and your heart with love.

A special thanks to Rodolfo from Amazing Renders for collaborating with us on this year's present.

Best wishes from the CGMood team.

CATEGORY: Decoration, Decoration sets

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  • 3ds Max + VRay (.max)
  • 3ds Max + Corona (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats


TAGS: wood christmas xmas gift present 2021 tree

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

Thank you all very much!

with pleasure, enjoy it and have an excellent Christmas

Merry Christmas to you too!

Amazing! Thank you! Enjoy your Holiday season. Cheers!

What a wonderful gift, can't wait to use it :)
Thank you and Happy Holidays!

It would be great if you sent the final result to Instagram, it can be to @Amazingrenders or @CGMood, have a happy holiday

Thanks!!! Happy holidays, Happy new year. I wish health and happy times!!!

happy new year to you too, have a good december

Thanks a lot ! It's beautiful ! Merry christmas !

thanks :D Merry Christmas!

Thank you, Happy Holidays everyone

I appreciate it, Merry Christmas

Thank you all! great new year for everyone :D

Have a merry christmas :D

LOVELY, thank you so much. Merry Xmas Ymas and Zmas...

Thank you very much and happy Holiday!

Елочка, елка,
Лесной аромат,
Очень ей нужен
Красивый наряд.
Пусть эта елочка
В праздничный час
Каждой иголочкой
Радует нас!

Thanks for the gift.
Mary Christmas to all

with great pleasure, merry christmas for you

Thank You very much. Happy Holiday)

Thanks so much! Best wishes to all ♥

Muchas gracias, felices fiestas.

Con mucho gusto Alexander, felices fiestas para ti tambien

Thank you very much, Happy Holidays, God bless you :)

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

Thank you all. Merry Christmas!

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

Thanks for the nice gifts ! Merry Christmas to the team.

Obrigado! Bom natal e bons render`s...

Com prazer tenha um bom natal

its great ! thank you . merry Christmas

with pleasure, I hope you like the gift!

Thanks a lot ! Merry christmas ! Happy holidays!

Thank you very much for a wonderful gift! Creative success in the New Year!

Thank you. A beautiful gift. Happy Holidays

Muchas Gracias y Feliz Navidad a todos!!!

Feliz Navidad para ti tambien Manuel

Thank you so much. Merry Xmas for everyone.

Thank you very much! looks great :)

Thank you for sharing this gift with our community. Happy holidays everyone ❤️

Thank you very much also for allowing me to collaborate, I hope it can be repeated in the future! Happy holidays!

Gracias, y Felices fiestas a todo el equipo de CGMood.

Muchas gracias Pablo, si deseas puedes compartir tus renders finales con el regalo en los instagram @CGMood3d o tambien en @Amazingrenders

I cant render realistic with corona. Please help me

Write me a private message to help you

Gracias a todos por el regalo y Felices Fiestas!

I appreciate your christmas gift ,thanks a lot and have a good christmas all of staff

Amazing! Thank you all very much!

Thank you very much and happy new year

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you so much for the gift

Thaks brooo, blessings!!!!

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

A hundred thousand thanks!!