CGMood is a simple, sleek 3D model sharing website.

And fair, and affordable, and quality-driven.

We are a team of architects and designers with many years of experience in the 3D visualization field.
We decided to build a new website to share 3D models, respecting the following principles.

It has to be fair

We want to give as much as we can to the 3D artist who shares his work. Our reputation system allows 3D Artists to sell their models starting from 70% royalty-rate, up to 90%.

Learn more about the reputation system..

It has to be affordable

You can find both FREE models and ARTIST models at a fixed, reasonable price. We aim to avoid the inconsistency of the free-market.


If you made some sales through your 3D models, you can use your wallet to make purchases: that will save you time!

It needs a quality standard

Our staff is perfectionist: every uploaded model is being evaluated according to a set of very objective rules. That is why we keep quality models only – and you won’t lose your time.

Learn more about the moderation process..

It has to be on the cutting edge

We support the most advanced 3D software for architects and designers, and we will always be open to new technologies.

It has to be simple

Made by designers, for designers.

Our core team is composed by architects and designers who actually have a lot of experience in the 3D visualization field. That’s why we have chosen to keep things simple and sleek.


All the 3D models can be included in commercial and personal work

On-time payouts

Sellers receive their payout every month, and on-time


We keep an eye on 3D models to guarantee maximum quality


No spam. CGMood is as simple as it looks