• 18% + 0.35€
    standard fee on your sales

  • or down to 18% + 0.35€ with our minimal plans


  • up to 3 free models per day

  • or remove the limits with our minimal plans


  • at an affordable price

  • superior quality 3D models and materials

How does the moderation process work?

CGMood will evaluate your 3D model before approving it. This process is very important in order to guarantee a higher quality standard, avoid unrelated content, poorly made models and scam.

Your 3D models are evaluated according to a set of completely objective rules:

  • Modeling quality
  • Complexity of the subject
  • Shaders quality
  • Textures quality
  • Presentation quality (thumbnail and other renders)
  • Similarity with the manufacturer's product (if your 3D model is a reproduction of an existing product)

How do I get paid?

You can request a money transfer from your wallet to your PayPal account once in a month. Your request will be processed within the next 3 working days. Alternatively, you can keep the amount in your CGMOOD wallet as long as you wish, or even use as a payment method.

As of now, we send payments through PayPal. We also support Payoneer, but you need to contact us.

Once you upload your first model for sale, or you have some money in your wallet, you may fill out your PayPal account information from your profile page. If you don't have a PayPal account, we suggest you to create one for free, otherwise you will not be able to receive your payments.

Can't use Paypal in your country? Contact us and let's try to get things solved.

How do I purchase credits?

From the Purchase Credits page.
We support Credit Cards and Paypal or, alternatively, you can purchase using your Wallet.

  • A Credit on CGMood has a value of €1.50 (incl. Tax).
  • Credits are needed to download assets tagged with the blue label, for example 4 CREDITS or 3 CREDITS, 2 CREDITS, 1 CREDIT.
  • Credits do not expire: once you purchase them, you will be able to spend them whenever you like to download assets.

Exclusive models

Exclusive models are bonus assets made with love by our staff. They are tagged with the label EXCLUSIVE.
To get Exclusive models, you can either:

  • Purchase some Credits.
  • Make a donation equal or above 3.00€ to an artist who shared a free 3D model.

Subscribers content

Our plans benefit both sellers and customers. Assets that are free or discounted for customers with a Premium Subscription always have a green label.

  • Assets labeled with the green label FREE FOR SUBSCRIBERS are totally free for customers with a Premium Subscription.
  • Assets who have both labels like 4 CREDITS 2 CREDITS are discounted for customers with a Premium Subscription.


Collections are bundles of assets that can be purchased at a convenient price. They are labeled with the label COLLECTION.

Once you purchase a Collection, you will be able to download all the included assets.

Wallet payment method

If you made some sales with your 3D models, you can use your wallet balance as a payment method. The price is the same, it's just quicker!

Sales on free models

Every user who uploads Free models can accept offerings from the customers who want to say thanks. The user will receive the amount according to his\her current fee.

Also, when you donate at least 3.00€ you will be awarded 1 Exclusive credit.

How are my models stored?

Every model you upload is stored on the Amazon S3 private cloud storage service, allowing a safe and secure storage.
Whenever someone downloads or purchases a model, an unique private key is generated for that specific customer allowing the download.

How is VAT applied on CGMood?

VAT on CGMood is fully covered by customers. Customers will see the full amount including VAT during the checkout and on the product page.
Therefore, sellers will receive payments equal to their raw royalty amount + VAT.