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How does the reputation system work?

Reputation is a value that can be raised by uploading 3D models. Higher reputation simply means higher royalty-rates.

Reputation gains

Reputation and royalty rates

So, the maximum royalty rate is 90%.

You can always keep track of your reputation, sales and royalty rates from your profile area.

How does the moderation process work?

CGMood will evaluate your 3D model before approving it. This process is very important in order to guarantee a higher quality standard, avoid unrelated content, poorly made models and scam.

Your 3D models are evaluated according to a set of completely objective rules:

All these factors will lead to a score that determines whether your model will be Artist or Free, and your increase of reputation.

Once you gain a reputation amount of 600, you will be able to decide yourself if your model is going to be Free or Artist.

How are my models stored?

Every model you upload is stored on the Amazon S3 private cloud storage service, allowing a safe and secure storage.
Whenever someone downloads or purchases a model, a private key is generated for that specific customer allowing the download.

How do I get paid?

You get royalties from your sales right away. The money you earn will be stored into your CGMOOD wallet.

You can request a money transfer from your CGMOOD wallet to your PayPal account once in a month. Your request will be processed in the next 3 working days. Or you can keep the amount in your CGMOOD wallet as long as you wish, if you plan on using it to purchase content.

As of now, we send payments through PayPal. Once your have your first Artist model approved, you may fill out your PayPal account information from your profile page. If you don't have a PayPal account, we suggest you to create one for free, otherwise you will not be able to receive your payments.

How do I download Artist models?

You can purchase Artist models from the purchase Artist models page.
We support Credit Card, Paypal or, alternatively, you can purchase using your Wallet.

Artist models are assets of superior quality. They are tagged with the label ARTIST.
Every Artist model on CGMood has a fixed price of €5.99 incl. VAT.
Because the price is fixed, there is no need for a "Shopping Cart": you will be asked to choose the number of Artist models that you wish to purchase, in the form of Artist Credits that you will be able to spend whenever you want.

Exclusive models Coming soon

Exclusive models are bonus assets made with love by our staff. They are tagged with the label EXCLUSIVE.
You get one Exclusive Model of your choice for every Artist Credit you purchase, or every time you make a donation amount above 5.99€.

Wallet payment method

If you made some sales with your 3D models, you can use your CGMOOD wallet balance as a payment method. The price is the same, it's just quicker!

How is VAT applied on CGMood?

VAT on CGMood is fully covered by customers. Customers will see the full amount including VAT during the checkout and on the product page.
Therefore, sellers will receive payments equal to their raw royalty amount + VAT.