Forest Pack Library For FstormRender (unofficial)

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The unofficial FStormRender material library for Forest Pack!
I have carefully converted all the materials of the preset library to FStormRender and added FStorm directly into the material dropdown list.

For example, the forest color map (currently unsupported) has been replaced with FStorm MultTextures and mixes with random colors to get variations.
All the materials have been kept rather simple to make it easier to tweak them if needed.

Drag and drop the two folders into the folder "C:\Users\YourUser\AppData\Local\Itoo Software\Forest Pack Pro\".

I will keep this library updated with future releases of Forest pack.
Current release update: ForestPack: 6.2.1

For the moment Rugs doesn't work I'm trying to fix it!


Price for subscribers

3 Credits

(€4.50 incl. tax)

CATEGORY: Forest Pack presets


PLATFORMS: 3ds Max + FStorm, OBJ/FBX export formats


Moderator's review

Tested and working.

Ciao Alessandro, purtroppo alcune anteprime non si vedono e i materiali neanche, forse sbaglio qualcosa, ho fatto come hai scritto sul PDF

Ti ho inviato un messaggio privato per risolvere la cosa

hey allessandro,
for any reason the fstorm materials won´t work as expected. using it as you´ve shown does not give any material, but the general material to the preset.
may you have any suggestion, what the issue could be?
thanks in adavnce.
best regards, manuel

I will reply by private message

It doesn't work for me :( grass is still grey even if I set preset to Fstorm. Can you help me please if you are here still active ?

Of course! Some user's have some problem with the assets tracking fir the forestpack's texture. Check It! Of you still some problem write me in a private message