Green Circular Benches By Streetlife

Green Circular Benches
Green Benches, Tree Isles & Podiums

1. GCB-D180-85-NF
O180cm | h = 85cm

2. GCB-D230-85-CO
O230cm | h = 85cm

3. GCB-D230-85-AL
O230cm | h = 85cm

The standard material for the planter is bead blasted aluminum, optionally steel parts finished in a double layer powder coating or in a composite material

Inspired by Streetlife - Website

Note: this 3D model is just a reproduction inspired by a real product. No copyrights are being violated.

CATEGORY: Furniture, Benches

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  • 3ds Max + Corona (.max)
  • 3ds Max + VRay (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats

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