Rusty Iron Material

Mahsa Etemadzade
on 07 May 2018

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  • 17.99 MB

Rusty metal shadel. Includes 2 variations.
- Light rust
- Heavy rust

- Replace rust texture as you wish, I used a free one
- Adjust dirt radius according to the thickness of your meshes and to the effect you are looking for

Format: 3dsmax 2015
Materials and shaders

Oliver De La Rama
Beautiful! Any chance there is a Max 2014 version?
Mahsa Etemadzade
I have no computers with a 3dsmax version installed that allows me to save as 2014 at the moment.. :p sorry

Seo Ye Lim
This looks fantastic! Is it possible to apply this texture at Maya as well??
Mahsa Etemadzade
Hi Seo, basically yes, but you will have to make the material from scratch.. The textures are simple, you just have to mix them together with a Dirt map to get the effect on edges.