Simple Grass

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Basic ForestPack grass preset for FStormRender.

- Use layer "fp-cgmood-grass" for normal grass
- Use layer "fp-cgmood-grass-dry" for a more yellowish grass


Want to say thanks to Mahsa?

CATEGORY: Forest Pack presets



  • 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats

Thank you for sharing this model its very good one , can i ask if you can convert it to V-Ray? , Thanks in Advanced

Hi Mahsa, what light setting did you use for the samples? Its very realistic.

Hi! It's a blueish color with a Sun!

Hello Mahsa, do you know why i get this error when i try to open the 3D model of the grass with 3ds Max 2020 ?

"An error has occured and the application will now close." and then it crashes. Impossible to open.

Hmm I do not have 3dsmax2020 so I cannot guess. Might be a problem related to forest pack?