Wax Dipped Chandelier

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Wax dipped chandelier

Unfortunately, I had to rework the model very much so that it quickly opens and does not slow down in the program window.

When saving along with Corona Scatter, the model weighed about 270mb, I had to convert it to a mesh. Now its weight is 13mb.

Max + Corona - 13mb
Max + Vray - 13mb
OBJ - 139mb

3.425.795 - polys
2.060.993 - verts

Suitable for a retro style interior or a haunted house :)

Enjoy using :)

CATEGORY: Lighting, Ceiling and suspension lamps

FILE SIZE: 143.98 MB


  • 3ds Max + VRay (.max)
  • 3ds Max + Corona (.max)
  • OBJ/FBX export formats


POLYGON COUNT: 3 425 795

TAGS: chain melt ghosts drips candle chandelier candle drips drops wax candles old doused liquid scary horror