Worn Out Paint On Bricks

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Worn out paint on bricks.
Uses two separate UVW channels to merge the bricks with the paint, so you can adjust the effect if you need.

CATEGORY: Materials, Bricks



  • 3ds Max + FStorm (.max)
  • 3ds Max + Corona (.max)
  • Cinema4D + VRay (.c4d)

TAGS: bricks worn out paint white white bricks textures

how exacly can i effect the amount of paint shown?

They are basically two materials mixed together by a mask (the paint). You can remove the mask, or make it less powerful, bigger, smaller, whatever you like :)

Thank you for material. But I download it from the link , and my brick`s its just red. Without white parts. Its beutiful, but other=(

Hi Egor, I see that correctly. You might want to try and play with the color correction of the mask map as well!

plz could you change material FStorm into vray

Hi Aya, best I could do is to convert to Corona - I am not VRay user sorry!