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5 Different SETS of Plant Indoor. SET VOL142

You will save 12 Credits

5 assets included

5 Different SETS of Plant Indoor at an exceptional price
which includes 17 different Flower Indoor models.

List of models:

1. Houseplant Ficus Retusa Microcarpa Bonsai Ginseng3. 1Model
2. Maclellandii Braid And Mission Olive Tree Indoor. 5Model
3. Olive Artificial Olivo Olea Tree. 4Model
4. Houseplants Snake Green Sansevieria Trifasciata. 3Model
5. Houseplants Zz Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Araceae. 4Model

General specifications of the files:

1- Materials is archive (material library)
2- Corona mtl + Vray mtl + Standard mtl
3- 4K texture + 4K material
4- JPEG (texture), MAX , OBJ + MTL
5- 3dmodels: MAX + OBJ
8- Corona render + Vray (Renderer Engine-MAX)
9- Scanline render (Renderer Engine-OBJ)
10- Models has unwrapped overlapping and
maps supported traditional 3ds Max texturing. (tiling coordinates)

- To use the max file you need to use at 3dsmax 2015
- Units: Millimeter
- Clean Topology (quad mesh)
- You Can Add Turbo Smooth

When you purchase this collection, you will be able to download all the included assets.