VOX UNI chair sets

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4 assets included

This set of 3D models included VOX UNI Chair (3 options) + VOX NATURE dining table + VOX NATURE dressing table + VOX CONCEPT desk.

1st 3D model: VOX UNI chair white/oak/black
Dimensions: 52 x 49 x h.75,5 cm;
Three models (three colors); Polys: 56 532; Verts: 56 658;

2nd 3D model: VOX NATURE dining table with VOX UNI chair black
Dimensions: 180 x 100 x h. 75 cm (VOX Nature dining table)
Dimensions: 52 x 49 x h. 75,5 cm (VOX Uni chair black)
Two models (table + chair); Polys: 60 396; Verts: 60 673;

3rd 3D model: VOX NATURE dressing table with UNI chair oak
Dimensions: 120 x 50 x h.76-116,6 cm (Nature dressing table)
Dimensions: 52 x 49 x h.75,5 cm (Uni chair oak)
Two models (table + chair); Polys: 32 702; Verts: 32 798;

4th 3D model: VOX CONCEPT desk with VOX UNI chair white
Dimensions: 128 x 60 x h.76 cm (VOX Concept desk)
Dimensions: 52 x 49 x h.75,5 cm (VOX Uni chair white)
Two models (table + chair); Polys: 30 524; Verts: 26 296;

Render: V-Ray; Formats: 3Ds Max 2015, OBJ, FBX

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Vox Uni Chair